The Firm

Johnson Public Relations consults throughout the United States, with a special emphasis on California. We are often called 18-to-24 months in advance before a liquidity event to tell the world why a company matters. On the crisis communications front, a short-term strategy often comes into play. If the press is knocking on a reputation issue where a rapid response is needed, we have battle-tested consultants and strategies to quickly tell our clients’ stories when the response can be make-or-break. 

We work with clients across an array of business sectors: entertainment, commercial real estate, sports, technology, non-profits, and many others. Clients include Quixote Studios, James Cameron’s Verdient Foods, litigation lawyers for Mitchell, Silberberg & Knupp, the National Assoc. of Theatre Owners, Commerce Home Mortgage, commercial real estate developer Astani Enterprises, San Francisco litigator David Schwartz (Charles Schwab Corp. defamation litigation), global soccer owner John Textor, music management firm Kovac Media Group, private equity group AFV Partners, the private equity summit sponsored by Montgomery & Co., Gravitas Ventures, Danny Zappin (co-founder of Maker Studios), Brian Mulligan (former vice-chairman of Deutsche Bank), PURE Management Group, Wesley Snipes, BanPiracy (Tel Aviv), Mandeville Films (producers of “Beauty and the Beast,” “The Fighter,” The Proposal”), and non-profits like the Salvation Army, San Diego Comic-Con, the Westmark School, and the  Pacific Council on International Policy.


Ross Johnson

Ross Johnson founded JPR in 2008 and is its CEO. Prior to the formation of JPR, Mr. Johnson was the head of the strategic communications arm at PMK-BNC, then the world’s largest entertainment public relations firm. Mr. Johnson was also previously an executive with Sitrick and Company, a leading crisis communications firm. A former contract writer for the New York Times, New York magazine, Esquire and Los Angeles magazine, Mr. Johnson was an executive editor at the Hollywood Reporter. His service packages in Los Angeles magazine, “Best Trial Lawyers in L.A.” and “Raging Bulls: L.A.’s Meanest Lawyers” were nominated for Los Angeles Press Club Awards. Mr Johnson is a member of the Public Relations Society of America and the Los Angeles Press Club.


Kevin Knoblock

Kevin is a valued leadership consultant in the power circles of U.S. politics and business.  He also is an award-winning documentarian who pioneered the strategic corporate communications practice of identity films with such figures as President Ronald Reagan, Newt Gingrich, and Arnold Schwarzenegger.


Daniel Partovi

Daniel is an expert in helping businesses improve their digital strategy. Focusing on optimization and conversions, Mr. Partovi has perfected the incorporation of digital marketing into public relations. In addition to JPR, Daniel currently runs his own nationwide e-commerce store.


Laurelle Felsette

Laurelle has 25 years of Fortune 500 sales and management experience. Ms. Felsette received her MBA at Pepperdine and also has a B.A. in Communications. With an in-depth understanding of the American business climate, Laurelle is a tremendous asset to executives who need communication training before a merger/acquisition, or are addressing the media on any high-stakes issue.


Andrew Cowan

Andrew joined JPR in 2014 and is currently an associate specializing in corporate communications. Prior to joining JPR, Mr. Cowan attended the University of California, Santa Barbara where he received a Bachelor’s degree in philosophy, and interned in the House Committee on Foreign Affairs.



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"Ross Johnson is a rarity in the PR world: a straight shooter."

Josh Friedman, Bloomberg News

“The best on-the-ground crisis communications guy I’ve ever seen.”

Robert Bernhoft, Bernhoft Law

“These guys know their shit.”

Tom Bernard, Co-Founder and Co-President, Sony Pictures Classics