At Johnson Public Relations, our PR practice areas include crisis communications, litigation communications, M&A media strategy, strategic corporate communications, C-suite positioning, and digital services.


Our job at JPR when taking on a crisis client is to make the bad news go away. The JPR staff understands the editorial process with print, broadcast, and digital publishing. We can handle the pressure of the media and are not intimidated by high-stakes interactions.

Critical in today’s technology, JPR staff can, under extreme deadlines, create owned content that a client can push into the real time digital universe – an effort often imperative to a client controlling his or her own story. Most important, we help businesses and individuals coming out of the crisis install best practices moving forward.




Crisis communications often evolves into litigation support communications when the crisis is elevated into a court of law. The JPR team has supported lawyers and their clients in federal and state courts from the Central District of Florida to the Central District of California. Cases involve, but are not limited to, trademark litigation, international money laundering allegations, product liability, software piracy, and criminal tax cases that have ensnared well-known individuals.




At JPR, 80 percent of our corporate communications business (the non-crisis, non-litigation support services) is concentrated in the entertainment, commercial real estate, and M&A communications verticals. Within those verticals, we tightly leverage our extensive media relationships while working with the top transactional attorneys, litigators, and business managers for high net-worth individuals. 



At JPR, reputation management falls into two areas. For companies, we have been hired well in advance of a liquidity event to increase the perceived market value of the asset. This work involves media relations and CEO positioning in front of the right audiences. Conversely, when a company is under attack in social media, we go to war with the best practices and tactics.



We are often retained to develop and manage corporate positioning programs to shape an executive’s image among his or her key constituencies. Our work here at JPR with C-suite executives is tightly focused on preparing and presenting them to not only elite business media, but also, to communicating their message via their corporation’s own media (company websites, YouTube channels, etc.). We work closely with C-suite executives and their internal teams on their external communications at elite conferences, and we help them with internal communications to employees. 


Media relations at JPR is tightly focused on getting the best business journalists in the media to cover our clients when the time is right for the client. Our success in this practice is predicated on an intimate knowledge of how the editorial at major media outlets is proposed, produced, packaged and distributed. The work at JPR does not end when a story runs in a national outlet. Upon the initial run of a story, the JPR team distributes the story to other outlets across the spectrum in print, broadcast, digital and social media. The coverage is carefully placed on the clients’ owned media – the corporate web site and/or the company’s social media channels – where it will often, with the help of search engine optimization, provide third-party verification to the client for years to come.



Companies who wish to tell their story in today’s world must navigate through a labyrinth of tradional media, digital media, and social media. For years, JPR has depended on our digital team to guide our clients through the digital matrix. At JPR, we are pioneers in the use of company websites, issue-specific websites, search engine optimization, paid sponsor links, earned and owned social media, and analytic-enhanced strategy for all of the preceding topics. At JPR, the digital team is integrated throughout all practice areas.


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